Artist statement

I have always had a fascination with pattern, in nature particularly. My most recent series of small paintings takes the motif of the circle, to become possible moons, mandalas, or molecular cells. Another series has explored the idea of water, that most mysterious of elements, possessing memory. That has given an opportunity to paint tiny bright shapes, floating, finding their own level. I use tiny brushes for small mark-making, plus the blunt end of nails (like Paul Klee used) as well as tooth-brushes and odd sticks. 

For the past seven years my work has been strongly, if not directly, influenced by the landscape
of the Suffolk/Norfolk border. Bigod's Way, an ancient pathway that runs beyond the fields where we live,
reveals, way below the path, glimpses of the River Waveney and the intriguing, changing patterns
of standing water. This gleaming, fertile flood-plain, often dotted with cattle and ringed with wooded hills,
along with my personal mantra, an obscure, intensely poetic phrase 'the consolation of pattern',
has somehow combined to inspire several different series of paintings, and, more recently, drawings and

My Still Life paintings and drawings, too, are more concerned with the patterns around and between objects than the objects themselves - and a distorted image of the original group of objects through manipulated photography makes the kind of visual filter that I need.